Our Mission

Restoration recovery is a program that marries/brings together/joins bridges the gap between Christ Centered Principles and joins with and integrates the best of science and research from clinical psychological methodology to help participants break the cycle of addiction and give their lives back to them with a new freedom.

Restoration Recovery was created by two Christ Followers and psychologists with nearly 50 years of combined experience; The marriage of clinical expertise and Christ-based foundations create an innovative and effective way to overcome addiction.

Our program provides members with 1:1 support and group fellowship which will encompass empathy, accountability and innovative personal growth opportunities. Our mission is to create a space of non-judgmental, unconditional encouragement and preparation for a fulfilled life. God has provided simple but imperative commands to his children during his declaration of peace over them.

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you?
.Be Strong and Courageous!
.Do not be Afraid; Do not be Discouraged,
.The Lord your God
.Will be with you
.Wherever you Go.

We believe that IF it was possible that God can be summed up in one word, that word would be LOVE. In that spirit, our program is open to all those who seek freedom from addiction. Christ himself was inclusive, he was not exclusive. He surrounded himself with sinners, and worked to heal the sick and suffering. There is no judgment, only love so we welcome all comers, regardless of religious/spiritual affiliation (atheist or agnostic alike) or whatever walk of life, our doors are open to everyone…

At Restoration Recovery we will members with an opportunity to experience true restoration, mind, body and spirit that comes freely from the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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