Individuals, Family, Friends and other Significant Others

Whether you are struggling personally, are related, married or know someone struggling with an addiction or other harmful habit, our program can help bring you restoration and recovery into your life. Addictions of all types, do not just affect individuals, they impact everyone in their lives. The chaos and devastation that addiction can bring can make it feel as though a tornado has leveled dreams, hopes, and lives. Through Christ, support and our recovery tools we can help bring long term change and success and restoration/restore lives, friendship and families. We can offer family, friends and other significant others specific and focused interventions apart from our standard group approach to help in a more private and individualized way…

We also support our veterans and active military personnel. We have extensive experience with the issues our heroes are dealing with and are willing and able to help.

Adolescents/Young Adults

Fear can prevent young adults from coming forward. They are dealing with a multitude of issues and want to be accepted, want to fit in and not be judged, or labeled if they were to come forward. There is also fear of parent’s reactions, fear of punishment, and/or embarrassment that may follow. One high school standout noted that “image” is important in the youth culture. That alcohol and drug use has become normalized through TV, media, social media and is often glorified. Yet, she went on to explain that the pressure of getting good grades, getting into a good college can be overwhelming and drugs and alcohol is viewed by her peers as a release, a way to blow off some steam. Moreover, stimulants are often abused to help adolescents optimize academic performance and help them stay up late and study and get their work done. For others, more socially inhibited and/or anxious alcohol and drugs can be a way to socialize, connect and a way to fit in and be accepted.

For the younger generation, many have been turned off to the idea of God, Jesus and religion” and increasing numbers identify with agnosticism, atheism and/or unaffiliated sects. While Christ is a part of “religion” for several sects, Jesus is also so much larger than “religion”, he himself railed against dogma, rules and hypocrisy of the existing church of the time.

Christ is love, he is inclusive NOT exclusive or anyone or any group. We want to offer our younger generation an opportunity to get to know Jesus all over again….

Impaired Professional Program

In many ways, this represents an invisible group in our society caught between myths of infallibility and the reality that comes with being human. Health care is driven in large part by economics….and oh yes, and helping others;) The message from health care professionals from many institutions is “do more with less”, make it work.

We tend to be achievement driven and hold ourselves to exceedingly high standards and actually got into this field to help people. There is a heavy burden of guilt and shame here, as such professions feel as though they “should know better.” A number of other thoughts and beliefs such as “I can handle this”, “I have to do it alone”, “I can’t let anyone find out about this” among others serve to keep many suffering in silence. Additionally, there is also a culture in medicine and healthcare of pushing yourself. As one professional explained, working long hours, double shifts is almost a badge of honor and means to of assessing where one measures up. These habits and beliefs are often picked up early in one’s’ training and education where the “weak ones” are labeled as not cut out for it and are weeded out vs those who can rise to the occasion, take on more and more and not crack. One’s professional identity becomes entangled and compounded by the legal and ethical issues governing and licensing boards and comes face to face with one’s own humanness.

At Restoration and Recovery we understand the unique needs of healthcare and other professionals alike. We ensure your confidentiality and privacy and can work individually or via a group to provide a safe space to address your issues and develop a plan of action. As Christ brings restoration in your life we will work with you utilizing the most effective strategies and methods to get your addiction under wraps and bring recovery into your life.

Criminal Justice, Corporate and Institutional Programs

Restoration and Recovery has programming available to the criminal justice system, whether you are court ordered, on parole or probation or in jail. Our evidenced based programs will help bring restoration and recovery back into your life.

We are available to other Corporate and institutions as well. Having access and/or involving Restoration and Recovery into your business culture is a wonderful way to make your employees feel supported and provide them access to a wealth of resources to help them thrive in the workplace. There is a large body of research documenting the relationship between healthy employees and the positive impact on productivity and workplace environment. Again, Restoration and Recovery deals with much more than just “addiction”, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you bring optimal wellness into your workplace.

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